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Chemistry Study Centre (CSC)

Chemistry Study Centre (CSC) in Junagadh is one of the most surmountable centers recognized in Gujarat. It has been developing the students of 11&12 opting science stream in higher secondary level. It is really no empty boast that innumerable aspirants have attained desired goal learning chemistry in CSC.

If we look back in educational history of Junagadh, to study chemistry for students was bothersome and difficult. However nowadays that mindset is quite changed with CSC. It has proven that only desire does not work in today’s cut-throat competitive environment. Students have to be aware of latest examination patterns and have to work in the proper direction to pave their way to success. So, the centre was started as a humble coaching centre with 11 & 12 science students only and developed as the largest chemistry centre in Junagadh. CSC has shouldered the responsibility of giving best and updated education in chemistry.

CSC was founded in 1999 by Mr. K.T. Sir - a versatile teacher and educationalist enabling students to realize their dreams of engineer and doctors. He is visionary. With his 'tried, tested and trusted' teaching method, innumerable aspirants have moulded their career in various fields of engineering and medical. CSC has given career track to more than nine thousand engineers and around five hundred fifty M.B.B.S.

WHY is CSC the wisest choice of students?

  • CSC has its own educational system in the field of chemistry where no students is ever neglected. Every action and thought make the students career oriented.
  • Besides GBSE board, CSC gives special attention to JEE and GUJ CET.
  • CSC provides application based conceptual and effective class room teaching.
  • CSC has perfected fundamental learning based and well researched and updated study material with comprehensive course coverage according to each semester.
  • CSC specially focuses on personalized doubt removal class to enhance individual learning for students.
  • CSC covers CBSE board syllabus especially for JEE and GUJ CET apart from regular preparation of GBSE.
  • CSC conducts students satisfaction surveys and career counseling for brightest career (especially for JEE and GUJ CET)
  • CSC's students have proven a great record of success in the field of Medical Entrance Exam and Engineering Entrance Exam as well. Aiming to help aspirants, CSC provides the best platform with extra preparation for JEE & GUJ CET.
  • CSC is always ready to provide help with its video lectures for the field of national level competitive exams.

In short wise management, live and comprehensive teaching method, researched and updated study material and career oriented environment make CSC unparallel in the field of Chemistry.

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